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Innovative Family Dentistry in Galloway

portrait of happy family at homeAt West Broad Dental, we provide quality dental care to families throughout Galloway, OH. We believe that having a trusted dentist to look after you and your family is key to optimal oral health. Backed by a well-trained dental team, Dr. Jeffrey R. Fisher provides customized dental care tailored to your specific needs and age.

We are a caring team that listens and discusses all your treatment options. Our practice prioritizes preventive care and education to help you and your family improve your health and confidence. If you are looking for a reliable Galloway family dentist with a compassionate team, contact West Broad Dental today!


Why Choose Our Family Dentist

young boy at his father at dental officeOur team provides skilled dental care to help protect, enhance, and restore the smiles of your whole family. We have considerable experience working with patients of all ages, including children, teens, adults, and seniors. Dr. Fisher takes the time to go over your medical history and identify any potential issues resulting from lifestyle or genetics. With this information, we can craft a proactive treatment plan and significantly avoid or reduce problems.

Our friendly staff can save you time by scheduling visits for every member of your family around your busy schedule. We welcome everyone with no judgment, even if you have not seen a dentist for a long time. Using a personalized approach, we help you understand how your oral health impacts your overall health and how to prioritize treatment. Your comfort is a priority, so we offer oral conscious sedation to make all your procedures, including emergency dental care, as comfortable as possible.

Gentle Dentistry for Children

happy group of children outdoorsOur practice typically begins seeing children as young as three years old. We primarily keep an eye on the oral health development of your child. We want you and your child to feel welcome and relaxed, so we focus on cleanings, checkups, listening, and answering questions.

During regular dental checkups, we apply fluoride and dental sealants to protect teeth and prevent cavities. We monitor your child's growing smile and educate them about maintaining a good dental hygiene routine and healthy diet. When needed, we can refer your child to a trusted pediatric or orthodontic specialist.

Continuing Dental Care for Teens

group of young friends smilingAs your child grows older, it is vital to schedule regular dental visits for routine cleanings. Periodic cleanings not only keep their teeth clean but also let us monitor any potential problems, such as cavities, misalignment, or early indicators of gum disease. Education is a critical component of our practice, and we can help you and your teen understand how to protect teeth and gums better.

If your teen engages in a high-contact sport, we can provide a custom-fit sport mouthguard to let them enjoy their activities and keep their smile safe. We also use digital scanners for precise diagnosis and treatment.

Protecting Adult & Senior Smiles

We want to help you maintain a functional and beautiful smile for as many years as possible. Contrary to common belief, you don't automatically lose teeth as you grow older. When you maintain good oral hygiene and visit our Galloway dentist regularly, you help to protect your teeth and gums. We provide various treatments to restore your oral and overall health. Our services include:

  • Cleanings & Exams: Professional cleanings at least twice a year eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth. It helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities. We also provide fluoride treatment for added protection when needed.
  • Periodontal Care: Periodontal (gum) care involves professional dental cleanings every six months paired with proper oral hygiene at home to prevent future complications. We may recommend scaling and root planing. Scaling removes tartar and plaque above and below the gums, and root planing will smooth out the root surface and encourage healthy gum tissue growth.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: If you have a cavity, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings. This material offers a natural look and matches the surrounding enamel.
  • Crowns & Bridges: We use dental crowns to cover and protect teeth damaged by decay. Crowns allow you to eat and chew properly and blend with your smile. Dental bridges are effective in filling gaps created by missing teeth. Our Galloway family dentist uses bridges to restore function and aesthetics when replacing one to three missing teeth.
  • Immediate Dentures: Dentures can replace a partial or full arch of missing teeth using prosthetics that mimic natural teeth. With immediate dentures, you receive your custom appliance the same day that any remaining teeth are extracted.
  • Implant-Supported Restorations: A dental implant is a small titanium post inserted into the jaw to replace the original root of a missing tooth. Our dentist can refer you to a trusted oral surgeon to insert your dental implant. Once your implant has healed, our family dentist will place your custom crown, bridge, or denture.
  • Mouthguards: Our mouthguards offer a layer of cushioning to protect your teeth when you have bruxism or grinding issues. We also offer sports guards. Each custom-made mouthguard fits over your upper or lower teeth to prevent contact and protect your enamel.

Your Trusted Family Dentist in Galloway

At West Broad Dental, we are here to take care of your entire family's dental needs with effective and affordable treatments. We welcome patients of all ages to our friendly practice. Our team stays updated on new techniques and technologies to bring you outstanding dental care tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Jeffrey R. Fisher and our team look forward to meeting you and your loved ones at our Galloway family dental office. Call and schedule your appointment today!


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